What to do with your unwanted books

There are many organisations that can help you recycle your unwanted books. Below are the details of five that either help a charity or help you by 'swapping'.

50 pence per item sold is given to WaterAid and 50 pence per item sold is given to Sight Savers International.

Only One Pound is a Social Enterprise and as such we have defined donation aims and objectives. We will list the total amounts donated at regular intervals on the Only One Pound Site. We have contractual agreements with Water Aid and Sightsavers and all of the £1 fee will be forwarded to them. We retain the 65p admin charge to cover site expenses and administration costs. With increasing numbers of OOP members we hope to reduce this fee.


ELECTRIC BANANA We BUY! Old Magazines from 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's & 90's Cash Paid!
Try here before you recycle! We pay cash for many different genres of magazines & posters.
Email electricbanana@ntlworld.com
Location: London

CharityBooks sell books online to help raise money for nominated charities.

CharityBooks was set up in 2004 to provide a book selling and revenue generating service for UK charities. We specialise in the second hand book market and use that knowledge to maximise the prices achieved for books that have been donated for charitable use. All books will be sold with precise information detailing how much money will be donated to which charity. This website will be updated on a monthly basis with a series of figures detailing all donations.

Your local recycling bank will quite likely have a 'bin' for books. They are quite often run by Oxfam.

Consider donating them to your local hospital, charity shop, day centre or children's home depending on what kind of book it is.

One such charity shop is the British Red Cross. Visit their website to find out if there is one in your area.

BookHopper - recycles books through a postal swapping system. It's completely free and is growing rapidly from a launch in March 2006. It saves money and trees all in one go.

ReadItSwapIt Bought a book and finished it? Don't know what to do with it? If you've read it swap it! The UK's free book swap shop! We have 21,000+ books available for swapping, with many more added every day. ReadItSwapIt is a completely free service, so you can swap as many books as you like and you'll only pay for the postage.

Recycle Braille Books through NLB
The National Library for the Blind would be happy to receive your redundant braille books in good condition, to pass on to braille libraries and schools in developing countries.

If you have any fiction, law, psychology, children's books, braille dictionaries, or any other books in good condition, please pass them to NLB. All donated books will be put to good use. Send your books to:

National Library for the Blind
Far Cromwell Road
Stockport SK6 2SG.

If you have a query please ring Laraine Parker on 0161 494 0217.

For Yellow Pages or Telephone Directories contact the Directory Recycling Project on 0800 783 1592 or visit the Yell website.