What to do with your CDs and CD-ROMs

Take them to your local charity shop and they might be able to sell them.

One such charity shop is the British Red Cross. Visit their website to find out if there is one in your area.

London Recycling - CD recycling is a new service from London Recycling which allows you to dispose of CDs in an environmentally responsible way. Suitable for all types of CDs and their plastic cases, including music CDs, writeable CDs and CD ROMs which can be recycled extracting the polycarbonate and aluminium content for use in the manufacture of new components using hard plastics and metals. We supply our customers with purpose-designed boxes made from recycled cardboard for the on-site collection of CDs prior to collection by London Recycling. This can be to a fixed schedule or on an ad-hoc basis.

Contact details:
  Tel: 020 7511 8000
  Fax: 020 7511 3785
  Email: recycle@london-recycling.co.uk

Make something with them yourself. The MakeStuff.com website has several ideas.

Beacon Press now have a CD recycling scheme.
[Uckfiled, East Sussex]

Keymood UK accepts CDs, DVDs, vinyl, cassettes, VHS videos, computer equipment and mobile phones. Reclaims electronic and electrical products including all IT equipment, redundant office equipment and domestic goods. Turns your excess into cash. Electronic assembly experts. Takes pride in routinely exceeding guidelines on percentage of materials recycled, minimising landfill costs and providing clients with security. Full certification and auditable reports on sensitive goods.

Contact details:
  Tel: 01989 566288
  Fax: 01989 566977
  Email: recycle@keymood.co.uk
  Location: Ross-on-Wye

... or ...

Send them to Polymer Reprocessors - see below for more details
Polymer Reprocessors Limited
Peninsula Business Park
Reeds Lane
Wirral, CH46 1DW
T: 0151 707 3684

You will have to pay the postage but they will recycle them. A certificate of destruction can be issued by arrangement and for a small fee, should your CDs contain sensitive data.


Polymer Reprocessors Ltd
The innovative work of Merseyside company Polymer Reprocessors Ltd was recognised at the Merseyside 21 Business Awards as they were named winners of the Tony Bonner Environmental Business of the Year Award. The company, who have developed the world's first process for the recycling of completed CDs and CD-ROMS, was also recognised with the Waste Minimiser Award and highly commended in the Environmental Innovation & Technology category.

Polymer Reprocessors Ltd, whose factory is situated on Knowsley Industrial Park, developed their unique 100% recycling process for surplus non-biodegradable stock CDs and CD-ROMS after an initial 2-year research and development period and have now perfected and patented the process.

The company employ a process that involves the jewel case being granulated and then fed through an extrusion system fitted with laser filters that remove contaminants. The end product is a high quality polystyrene pellet that can be used, for example, in new jewel cases, packaging and insulation foam or artificial wood. The discs themselves are granulated, blended and compounded into high quality injection moulding polycarbonate that has a variety of uses, including as part of alarm boxes and motorway traffic lenses.

The whole process is set to reduce the use of landfills- previously the only way to dispose of unwanted CDs- by around 2500 tonnes a year, with a much higher projection once the process is taken up internationally. Polymer Reprocessors have already won the support of the UK's three largest music CD producers and looks set to make a major contribution to recycling and the environment, and are therefore worthy winners of the prestigious Merseyside 21 Award.

Send them to Polymer Reprocessors - see below for more details
Polymer Reprocessors Limited
Peninsula Business Park
Reeds Lane
Wirral, CH46 1DW

You will have to pay the postage but they will recycle them.

CD Recycling
This company collects tonne load quantities of damaged or otherwise unwanted CDs from local manufacturers. They would not make a collection for less than one tonne.
Contact: Austin Young
Research & Recycling
Unit 2, Bradley Workshops Industrial Estate,
Tel: 01207 502601