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Wanted or Unwanted
If you have goods you want or do not want, then you can advertise them for free on reuze - if you are in the UK! Please check out our the wanted and unwanted pages. Your contact details can be with held to protect individuals.

SHOP you can now buy brown wrapping paper made from 100% recycled material from the new reuze shop.

If you have unwanted furniture and would like to donate it to an organistion who will put it to good social use, then please go to the FRN website.

reuze aims to bring together the three parts of the recyling problem. Those with waste to recycle, organisations that reuse that waste and products made from recycled waste.

So if you are looking at ways of recycling your waste, then click on recycle. If you represent a business that recycles waste and would like to be listed on the reuze website, then click on add2reuze business. Or if you manufacture products that use recycled waste and you would like that product listed on the reuze website click on add2reuze product.

Results from our previous surveys are available by clicking here.

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