What to do with your mobile phone?

There are many organisations that will gladly accept your mobile phone. These phones are then reused or recycled. Below or just a few orgaisations that perform this service.

Recyclemobilephones.co.uk - Get the best price when you recycle your old mobile phone by comparing the prices the leading phone recyclers (such as Mazuma, Envirofone & 17 others) will pay when you sell your old phone.

Compare Phone Recyclers

Do you have a mobile phone you no longer need? At Compare Phone Recyclers you can trade in your old or new phones for a cash return. They compare ALL the UK's leading mobile phone recyclers such as Fonebank and Envirofone to get you the best price possible and to save you time and money in having to compare prices yourself.

Better still, it costs you nothing to send your mobile phone off and when you trade it in you will also be helping the environment. So see how much you can sell mobile phone handsets for today.

Oxfam's Bring Bring Scheme is the easy and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your unwanted mobile phone

If you're donating fewer than 20 phones, simply send them in a jiffy bag, FREEPOST, to:
Oxfam Recycle Scheme
Freepost LON16281


Help The Aged Do you have an unwanted mobile phone sitting at home? Donate it to Help the Aged and it can be transformed into vital funds for the Charity.

Help The Aged
SHP Solutions

Against Breast Cancer Against Breast Cancer is collecting old mobile phones and both inkjet and laser cartridges to recycle and raise funds for our research projects into breast cancer, diet, lifestyle and natural immunity.

Office Green Technologies recycle mobile phones and have raised over £2 million for charity through recycling programmes. They collect for free from all over mainland UK and we also provide boxes free of charge.
Office Green Technologies
6 Prospect Way
CM13 1XA
T: 01277 237 740

Earthmobile collect mobiles phones and raise money for charity. They are based in Windsor Berkshire. They have a freepost address and envelopes. Or you can just send your old handsets to:
Earth Mobile Ltd
PO Box 3473

Stop Violence in The Home - The Body Shop is promoting a scheme called Fonesforsafety to help end domestic violence. Unwanted mobile phones are turned into personal alarms.

"Fonesforsafety is a new mobile phone recycling scheme where old mobile phones are transformed into personal alarms. These alarms provide a free one-touch dial service to 999 and also receive incoming calls for added reassurance. When activated, the Emergency Services can recognise the alarm and provide an immediate and appropriate response.

In the hands of someone threatened with domestic violence these phones are a lifeline enabling them to call for assistance. By donating your old mobile phone you can help more women feel safer and less vulnerable at home."

Recycling Appeal - Welcome to the Recycling Appeal, home of printer cartridge and mobile phone recycling for charity. Here you will find information on how you can recycle your used inkjet, toner cartridges and unwanted mobile phones to help raise thousands of pounds for charities throughout Europe. Funding your charity through recycling is free - we give you money for old mobile phones and print cartridges. Many charities are already earning cash with us, including: Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, RSPB, Marie Curie Cancer Care, RNIB, NIHC and the Hospice Foundation (partnered with Tesco Ireland).

Recycool - recycling mobile phones and empty printer cartridges to raise money for schools and nurseries. Enterprise, citizenship and teaching resources, tied in with the curriculum can help your school or nursery to fund any number of projects - we give you cash for your used cellphones, toner, laser and inkjet cartridges. Recycool helps children understand the environment, and is based around Young Enterprise and EcoSchools.

RNIB - Royal National Institute of The Blind collect inkjet cartridges (NO Epson), laser toner cartridges, fax toner cartridges, photocopier toner cartridges, mobile phones, coins and stamps.

RNIB, 105 Judd Street, LONDON, WC1H 9NE
Tel/Fax: 01342 822210
Email: Adrienne.Buckley@rnib.org.uk
URL: www.rnib.org.uk/recycle

Envirofone gives you cash or tokens for your old mobile. Have you got old mobile phones lying around at home or in the desk at work? Now you can trade them in online with Envirofone and choose from an amazing range of over 2000 rewards, or simply convert them into cash! See what your old phones are worth by using the search box here.

Child Advocacy International, a registered charity, can now put redundant phones to good use. It sells them on to be recycled or reconditioned which not only raises money to support its vital work in children's hospital worldwide, but also helps the environment.

To donate an old mobile (including old chargers and batteries) at no cost to yourself simply send it to:
Child Advocacy International

Or if you have 10 or more call us for free collection on 0800 083 2103.

Scope Charity accepts phones as well as components for recycling. Send your unwanted phones to:
Scope Recycle-a-phone
Burton on Trent

There is also a free collection facility for upto 100 phones ( Min. 10 ). Contact 0800 0832103.

Cartridges4charity.co.uk - Helping to raise funds and awareness for smaller charities through the recycling of printer cartridges and mobile phones.

The RABBITT Recycling Scheme
Three of the country's market leaders in recycling have joined forces to provide a one stop service for the recycling of electrical/electronic office waste, The RABBITT Recycling Scheme.

Worktwice Marketing Ltd, G & P Batteries Ltd and Mercury Recycling Ltd have put a scheme together for a single point collection and recycling of Toner and Inkjet cartridges, all types of batteries, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, mobile phones and obsolete computer hardware.

RABBITT = Recycle All Batteries Bulbs Inkjet Toners & Telephones.

Read their press release... click here.