What to do with your printed circuit boards?

G.C. Metals Ltd
refines and reclaims precious metals from all electronic scrap and other scrap bearing materials. Printed Circuit Boards, Connectors, Components. We will safely recover the precious metals for you in compliance with all European and environmental regulations.

Address:53 Wellington Street, Leicester, LE1 6HJ
Phone:0116 2542832
Fax:0116 2858545

Specialist Metal Services Ltd
recycle printed circuit boards, plugs, sockets, connectors, backplanes and all other materials containing gold, silver, platiumun or palladium. They buy for cash!

Address:Tilbury, Essex
Tel:01375 855000
Fax:01375 855005

Petalmarket Ltd
Do you produce PCBs? If so then Petalmarket would like to hear from you. They want all offcuts and rejects of sheets and plates of copper clad laminations used for printed circuit boards.

Contact:A Panessar
Address:PO Box 10490, London N2 OXN
Tel:0208 883 6520
Fax:0208 444 2707